1,600 SXSW Speakers, Three Twitter Lists

by Michelle McGinnis on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 in Social Media

Pop quiz: How many speakers presented at SXSW Interactive? Answer: More than you’d imagine.  In fact, way more - 1,600 if you’re looking for a number. Remarkably (but unsurprisingly) 91% of SXSWi speakers are active on Twitter.  (Who are the 9% who aren’t, and how’d they get selected to present?)  

Today we’re pleased to share with you all the active speakers in three Twitter lists.  Yes, we know the event took place over a month ago (which is an eternity on the social Web), but given that I manually researched the handles for all 1,600 speakers and manually entered them in Twitter, a month is breakneck speed.  (The glamorous life of a marketing coordinator!)

In any event, enjoy these alphabetized lists.  They are comprised of a veritable who’s who list of digerati.  

SxSW Interactive Speakers A-Ga: SxSWI Speakers A-Ga

SxSW Interactive Speakers Ga- Mic: SxSWI Speakers Ga-Mic

SxSW Interactive Speakers Mic – Z:  SxSWI Speakers Mic - Z


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