July 2010

Finding Mr. (or Ms.) Right for your Marketing Ops Team

by contributor on July 30, 2010 in Marketing Efficiency

I recently completed a webinar with marketing operations experts, John Neeson of Sirius Decisions,and Laura Cross from Eloqua…. During the webinar, which focused on

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The Interesting Thing About 99¢

by Eloqua on July 26, 2010 in Revenue Performance Management

With the popularity of iPhone apps, common software price points have dropped from $39.99–$59.99 to $0.99–$1.49. This trend currently dominates the consumer market, but…

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To Translate or Not To Translate (That Is The Pregunta)

by Eloqua on July 21, 2010 in Marketing Efficiency

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to live or work outside of the US, the experience provides a unique view on…

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What Were They Thinking? Great Marketing Gaffes

by Eloqua on July 19, 2010 in Digital Marketing

I’m gearing up for my 20th high school reunion… this summer.  That alone is horrifying in many ways, but the old pictures popping

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Say Hello to Strangers

by Eloqua on July 15, 2010 in Lead Nurturing

We’re friendly people. Maybe too friendly, in fact.
Last November, we launched a “welcome” program – an automated way to say hello to new…

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Eloqua’s 17 Must-Follow Tweeters (and Lists) for B2B Marketers

by contributor on July 13, 2010 in Social Media

There are a busload of really smart people tweeting.  The trick is finding them amongst the noise and clutter.   Here we’ve compiled our favorite Tweeters…

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Are You Creating Duplicate Records?

by contributor on July 9, 2010 in Marketing Efficiency

While standing in line at a cash register in a woman’s retail store, I observed an interesting scenario, which got me to think about…

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The People Behind The Handle

by Eloqua on July 5, 2010 in Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook & Twitter… have given people an opportunity to speak and be heard by hundreds, if not thousands of others. 

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