April 2013

Define and Conquer: Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

by contributor on April 29, 2013 in Sales & Marketing Alignment

Is your sales and marketing conversation reminiscent of dishes being thrown against the wall? Check out these tips to help you bridge the gaps.

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Which is the Most Secure, Fully Featured Web Browser for Modern Marketers? [CHART]

by Egan Cheung on April 28, 2013 in Marketing Efficiency

A breakdown of which web browser share.

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5 Steps to Setting Up A Branded Instagram

by Amanda Batista on April 26, 2013 in Marketing Efficiency

Here are 5 steps to get your brand’s handle on Instagram. We show you our story!

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Call for Speakers! 4 Reasons to Strut Your Marketing Stuff at Eloqua Experience 2013

by Amanda Batista on April 22, 2013 in Marketing Efficiency

4 reasons why marketers from McAfee, Rally Software, inContact, and Thomson Reuters are geared up for Eloqua Experience!

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What’s On Your Modern Marketing Music Playlist? [CHART]

by Jody Mooney on April 21, 2013 in Social Media

The soundtrack to Modern Marketers’ lives.

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The X Factor: The Convergence of Customer Experience and Web Experience Management

by Eloqua on April 19, 2013 in Marketing Efficiency

3 points to remember for better web experiences, better selling information, happier (and purchasing) customers.

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5 Ways to Personalize Emails and Enhance Open Rates

by Amanda Batista on April 17, 2013 in Email marketing

How personalizing your email communications helps optimize your automation investment.

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