9 Marketing Resolutions for 2014

by Amanda Batista on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 in Marketing Efficiency

Happy New Year!

Now that you’re back at your desk and ready to put 2014 marketing plans to work, here are some inspirational ‘resolutions’ to help you recharge your strategy:

  1. Get to know your cohorts. While you’re already well acquainted with your fellow marketers, and even reps from your sales team, getting to know your other organizational counterparts can help you work a whole lot smarter. Aim to become versed in other areas of the business and leverage that insight in your customer experience optimization initiatives.

  2. Personalize at every possible touch point. In our lives as consumers we’ve come to expect communications and engagements that are meaningful. Personalization is a great way to establish and maintain the solid rapport that helps turn customers into advocates.

  3. Let technology inspire your next program. The old ‘work backwards’ approach can help ignite your most creative marketing campaign yet. Let your imagination run wild and design a program based on an app or technology integration functionality. For instance, check out how Brandi Starr at Sage let Eloqua cloud connectors guide her campaign strategies.

  4. Start a research-based content marketing program. Conducting benchmark research — either independently or in conjunction with a third party — is a great way to support your thought leadership efforts. It also provides a great springboard for other important content marketing efforts. Consider establishing a research project to support your initiatives in 2014.

  5. Host a virtual event. While budgets don’t always permit you to host in-person events for all your geographical targets, virtual events provide a great alternative to bring your customers and communities together. Virtual event platforms also offer some unique benefits, such as transcripts from presentation content that can be used to fuel follow-up nurture programs.

  6. Sit in on an upcoming sales meeting. Sales forums are goldmines for marketers to glean insight into the challenges and triumphs that customers are sharing with field reps. Understanding how to formulize content that will enable your sales reps, as well as your customers, is dependent on your ability to do the research into what works and what does not.

  7. Build Twitter lists to organize insights by subjects. Twitter Lists are a great way to segment all the information constantly flowing in your Twitter feed. For instance, you can set up a list for your favorite subject matter experts or authors, as well as your customers for improved listening. Go to “Lists” under account settings in your Twitter profile to get started making lists.

  8. Attend a networking event. Get to know other marketers in a casual setting. You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas and find inspiration for your next campaign, and make some new friends locally. Networking events also are helpful forums for finding new talent and vendor resources.

  9. Set a social point person on your team. If you don’t already have a dedicated social media or community manager, think about allocating the responsibilities to a new role, or assign an existing marketing team member the tasks of managing your social strategy. Hey, maybe you'll meet a new social media manager at a networking event! Check out our social media tips for 2014 for more.

What are your 2014 marketing resolutions?


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