22 Gems from Eloqua Experience

by Contributor on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 in Revenue Performance Management

Last week was epic.  We held our annual user group, Eloqua Experience, and the event was packed with nearly 900 fired up marketers.  We published the industry’s only Benchmark Report (based on a staggering 10,000 months of data!), we unveiled Eloqua University (the only training program staffed with a team of full-time professors), we shared our vision for the category we created – Revenue Performance Management (RPM), and, of course, we launched the world’s first and only RPM platform: Eloqua10.  Oh and we also found time to honor 20 of the world’s greatest marketers at the Markie Awards.

That’s what we did … but what’s truly inspiring is how you responded.   We culled through the 2,000+ tweets and blog posts about the event, and picked out 22 of our favorites.  There are many, many more gems. But these represent a cross section of the conversation.  They show your humor, your personality and your commitment to success.

1.     @jeremyvictor: It actually looks EASIER to use than Powerpoint! #ee10sf

2.     @lisamchen: SalesForce.com’s marketing team is #Agile - very cool! #EE10SF

3.     @ChinaParma: I’d like to thank all the little people who made my "Best Use of Social Media to Score Free Alcohol" award possible. #EE10SF #Markies

4.     @jepc: my summary of the Eloqua Experience 2010: http://jep.im/bXVJSm #EE10SF (I had a great time!)

5.     @SergFernandez: #ee10sf having not seen @Eloqua10 I’m blown away with campaign builder. Works the way it should!

6.     @lisamchen: Eloqua10 email templates are going to make my life better #EE10SF

7.     @SmallC: Listening to Tom Wujec keynote at #ee10sf. Just demo’d the power of illustrating concepts through imagery, and you could hear a pen drop.

8.     @AndreaKStout: And the winner of the "holding someone else’s Markie" award is...Harrison Yeager!! (golf claps) #EE10SF http://plixi.com/p/51718172

9.     @SGersh: Eloqua10 looks like a native Mac app, only in the Cloud. It’s like Garageband for marketers. #EE10SF

10.  @samboonin: I just saw a live demo of @Eloqua 10 - that is a stunning piece of Web software #EE10SF

11.  @ScottTheKern: Eloqua10 revolutionizes the way companies predict, grow and manage revenue. http://ow.ly/2Xf8X

12.  @JoeGelata: Was today’s Dilbert written for #EE10SF attendees? I guess Adam Scott didn’t hear the keynotes! http://trunc.it/c3pwz

13.  @GinnyBartosek: @mattgrantham giving great demo. He’s passionate about Eloqua10 and it shows. Dynamic content functionality is well done #EE10SF

14.  @TedatSonicWALL:  Love the whiteboard / flowchart approach with Eloqua 10 #ee10sf http://twitpic.com/2z1kk9

15.  @flaviomello: Eloqua10 rocks! #EE10SF

16.  @kaykas: We are digging Eloqua10 @involver. So much they put a giant picture of us on their website! (blush) First Impressions http://t.co/W1ZTG7l

17.  @frozencanuck: Lovez the Eloqua Lead Scoring UI. Kudos to @MattGrantham! #EE10SF

18.  @KreshnikRushiti: Tom Wujec (on the subject of Fostering Innovation Skills) just made this conference absolutely worth attending! #EE10SF cc @autodesk

19.  @the_mensch: Just for you @paynejoe "It’s easier to get into Harvard then it is to win an Eloqua Markie" #EE10SF.

20.  @JenPumpItUp:Huge thanks to @eloqua and @dmscott. I can’t wait to get Real Time Marketing and PR not here. Avail Nov 1 #EE10SF http://ow.ly/1rc6N3

21.  @lisammilligan: #EE10SF great CMO sessions, Polycom & SFDC. Nice to hear from companies that “get it”!

22.  @JTaby: Congrats to the Eloqua team on releasing Eloqua10. It looks awesome :D


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