4 Copywriting "Do's"

by Laura Cross on Monday, May 31, 2010 in Content Marketing

Let’s talk copywriting.  What's the goal of your email and landing page copy?  That's easy, right?  Conversion.  Get the recipient to click through or submit a form and you are on your way to success.

But everyone is busy, so we need to make sure thoe copy is relevant and compelling (or else we run the risk of being ignored).  Here are  four sure-fire ways to make sure your copy gets noticed.  

1. Get to the point! We’ve all seen (and quickly deleted) the seemingly ever-ending email.  Capture attention.  Get to the point.  Write tight sentences.  Construct short paragraphs. Create urgency with an active voice

2. Be relevant! Use real data to make key points. It helps with credibility.  And make sure your content and offers are relevant to your audience.

3. Be real! Enough with the corporate speak, get real and have a conversation. Trade buzzwords for conversational words. Some audiences may appreciate technical language, but for most marketers, the simpler the language the better the result. 

4. Get a response! Don’t make the user scroll, place the primary call-to-action links above the fold

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