5 Blossoms From The Blog Tree

by Michelle McGinnis on Friday, January 28, 2011 in Content Marketing

It’s your favorite time of the week. It’s time for “5 Blossoms From The Blog Tree” where each week we spotlight five must-read posts from bloggers listed on The Blog Tree. This week: how to spice up your board meetings, remembering values, timing is everything, agent change and “here I am, turn the page.”

  • Brad Feld is bored to death with your tedious PowerPoint presentation. Over at Feld Thoughts he suggests starting board meetings off with a demo to keep things lively.

  • Remember the good old days? Well, get with it, Gramps. Mitch Joel takes to his Six Pixels of Separation blog to explain why our values need to adapt to the age we’re in.

  • When is the right time to send out email marketing? Over on ClickZ blogs, Simms Jenkins mulls it over and gives some advice.

  • Location based services might finally be tuning the page. On GigaOM Ryan Kim gives a good case for why the Fourquares of the world might be on the cusp of something big.


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