6 Prediction Posts We Didn't Write (And 1 We Did)

by Michelle McGinnis on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 in Content Marketing

The New Year is just a couple days away. It’s time for predictions.

My prediction: the year will last roughly 365 days. (It’s not a leap year, right?)

We gathered some of most interesting predictions we’ve seen. With all this advice, you should be fully prepped for 2011.

1. Over at ReadWriteWeb, Richard MacManus muses on changes coming the publishing industry, television and the eventual dethroning of Justin Bieber on YouTube.

2. When it comes to the nearly $9 billion online display advertising industry, Google will remain king in 2011. That’s the word from Zach Rodgers at ClickZ.

3. At the Harvard Business Review, David Armano gives six predictions ranging from Google’s war on Facebook to true integration of social media by businesses.

4. Josh Jones-Dilworth provides five predictions for online data at Mashable, from the changing role of data scientists to greater regulation of the industry.

5. At Focus a plethora of thinkers and tinkerers are giving their top five trends for email marketing in 2011. Check it out.

6. R “Ray” Wang gives a dizzying preview of cloud computing. Phew! 2011 is going to be a busy year.

7. Finally, we provided six predictions for demand generation from a wide array of thought leaders. Guess what? They’re still a good read.


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