Tips to Manage ‘Always-On’ Nurturing

by contributor on November 25, 2013 in Lead Nurturing

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Amanda Halle, the senior manager, online marketing programs at Bizo, which specializes in business audience marketing. She focuses on lead generation, sales enablement, and marketing automation. Follow Amanda on Twitter @ahalle.

Marketing automation has really taken us to the next level over the last decade, and impacted the level of relevancy with which we communicate to both prospects and the sales teams we support.  We’ve had insight into how our prospects and customers are interacting with our website and communications, we’ve given sales access to that insight, and we’ve been able to set up programs to automatically send content to prospective buyers based on those actions.  It’s fair to say that marketing automation has revolutionized our industry.  However, marketing technologies continue to evolve, and as a marketer, it’s critical to take a step and back and identify new areas where we can optimize our efforts.

At Bizo, our focus for the past year has been on improving conversions in two key areas: anonymous website traffic and known contacts in our nurture campaigns.  First, based on a SiriusDecisions Benchmark Survey, we noticed that 95% of the traffic coming to our website was not actually converting.  That meant that for every 1,000 visitors we had 950 lost visitors.  When you look at the numbers that way, they are pretty eye opening.  Our website is one of our best lead generation tools we have, and we spend a lot of time testing and improving it, so we needed to find a way to stay in front of that traffic again and convert them.


Next, we did a deep dive into our lead nurturing programs.  As we stepped back and looked at open rates across our emails, it was obvious that once we had prospects in our database, we were struggling to engage them in their inboxes.  (And to validate this fact, a recent Eloqua Benchmark study showed that on average, only 20% of emails are being opened. So the question became, how do we reach the other 80% of the contacts in our database if we can’t engage them in email?

Display advertising has helped us reach both anonymous visitors to our site and prospects who are not opening our emails.  We are using Display to nurture these prospects across the web.  Prospects can now be reached with display ads delivered in-sync with our existing email nurture paths as these prospects browse across the web—aligning the same messaging, creative, and offers within display ads that they may have missed in their email inbox.  By syncing email and display we are warming people to the content they will soon see in their inbox and we have increased conversions in our nurture programs by more than 50%.

To learn more about how to incorporate display and social advertising into your marketing automation efforts to generate more leads across all of your marketing channels, join the Bizo team, Taha Sheikh from Oracle Eloqua, and Arpine Babloyan from Avid at our next webinar.  Learn how to ‘Fix the Leaky Funnel’ and:

  • Convert more anonymous prospects through focused nurturing beyond the inbox
  • Engage known prospects far more often than possible with email alone by synchronizing display and social advertising with your existing email nurture campaigns
  • Increase lead velocity and MQL throughput to Sales—and ultimately accelerate pipeline and revenue contribution

Access the webinar registration at this link. 


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