An Aprimo Acquisition Roundup

by Michelle McGinnis on Thursday, December 23, 2010 in Marketing Measurement

Yesterday’s announcement that Teradata plans to purchase Aprimo for a cool $525 million made noise in the industry. Eloqua CEO Joe Payne already gave his take. So this morning we are providing a roundup of other views of this late-in-the-year acquisition.

David Raab takes the long view. He sees continued M&A activity, but says it will be slow and deliberate.

Over at Sirius Decisions, Jonathan Block thinks the deal will help Teradata gain leverage in the b2b space.

Surresh Vittal at Forrester Research gives seven thoughts on the deal and how it will impact the market.

Lauren Carlson at Software Advice states who she suspects will be the next big buyers.

Kevin Kerner points out the potentially good and bad effects for b2b marketing.

Some investors behind Aprimo are apparently pretty happy about this deal.


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