Astadia’s 2011 New Year’s Resolutions for our Eloqua Clients

by contributor on December 20, 2010 in Demand Generation

 It’s New Year’s resolution time and Eloqua partner, Astadia is sharing some useful tips for 2011! The following resolutions were compiled by Astadia’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Pablo Zurzolo and Marketing Automation Consultant, Tracey McMullen:

Trim down…

…our forms! They’re so big and fat, why? They didn’t start that way, but little by little it was one new field in March, a few over July, and five more since Halloween! In 2011, gated forms and progressive forms will be the way to go allowing us to gather the information we need from prospects, without having to navigate around tens of fields to build our forms. We want skinnier, hipper forms.

Create healthier habits…

That’s data habits of course! This was actually on the 2010 list of resolutions too, but it only lasted for a few weeks. Then we had that big user conference, and having to coordinate customer events, while also checking out all the places for the networking sessions, and well – healthy data was the last thing on our minds. But not this year! We are going to set up an automated process that pulls clean data into Eloqua on a regular basis. Oh, and it should append new information too.

Spend more time with…

…inactive contacts. It’s normal to be  busy when hanging out with active contacts, but it can be all too easy to forgot about the others. Sometimes, six months can separate conversations with our inactive contacts and that’s never a good feeling. In 2011, we’re going to setup a few nurturing programs just for them and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

While we’re at it, spend more time with…

…sales too! The hatchet really needs to be burried over the devastating loss to them during the 2007 company softball tournament. (Although, suspicions still linger that the umpire was the Sales Director’s father.) It’s been long enough and we should all be on the same team now. This year, there will definitely be a marketing and sales summit EARLY to make sure we all know what’s going to be needed over the next 12 months.  Astadia moderated one such summit during the installation of Eloqua, maybe they would be willing to do another one?

Give more…

qualified leads to sales. Of course, we do already have a lead scoring program running, but it never hurts to improve and optimize the leads that are going to sales. There’s even been talk about a few new programs through Astadia that further qualify and nurture leads.

Stop procrastinating

Seriously! Why does it take so long to respond to certain things? There’s just waiting and waiting and then… BAM! The moment is gone. It’s time to stop waiting and start reading and reacting to the buying signals of  online visitors. Actually,why wait until 2011, we can start right now…

Learn something new….

It’s clear we’ve  just been using a little bit of what Eloqua has to offer, especially after EE10 this year and seeing all the cool things everyone else is doing. More training is definitely in the plan for the next year.

Enjoy life more…

…and win a Markie at EE11!


Pablo Zurzolo

Vice President, Product Marketing      



Tracey McMullen

Marketing Automation Consultant



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