Changes in the Channel

by Contributor on Friday, September 24, 2010 in Revenue Performance Management

As some of you may have heard, Eloqua has terminated our relationship with one of our resellers, The Pedowitz Group (TPG).  This was a difficult decision, not only because TPG’s team has helped many Eloqua users succeed, but also because its founder and president, Jeff Pedowitz, is a former Eloqua employee.

Over the last year, TPG undertook a strategy to be an agency that represents multiple competing brands in our space.  This approach is inconsistent with our vision for Eloqua’s channel because we are concerned about sharing our intellectual property (IP) with any company that works closely with our competitors. When you get right down to it, Eloqua is an IP company.  What differentiates us is not only the technology we supply to clients, but also our vertical knowledge, best practices acumen, and our insights into the demands on marketing which change as one moves from the SMB sector up through the enterprise.  Reseller exclusivity allows us to share this IP – as well as our technology roadmap – with partners, confident that the knowledge transfer will benefit only Eloqua users.  If our partners know our most important ideas, they can better serve our customers.  We did not want to stop sharing those ideas.   

The market has changed.  It’s become more crowded; consolidation has intensified; new categories, like revenue performance management, have emerged.  Successful companies adapt.  And that’s why we made this change.  We truly thank TPG for helping Eloqua users succeed, and, as we wind down our relationship over the next 90 days, we wish the company and its good people well.    We will always appreciate all they’ve done to help build the marketing automation industry.


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