Sell Content Marketing to Your CEO

by Kaila Garrison on Monday, November 11, 2013 in Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable asset in any marketer’s toolkit – but how do you sell the concept to your CEO? Chances are good your marketing strategy already...

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How Do You Produce More Interesting Content? [CHART]

by David Rudolph on Sunday, November 10, 2013 in Content Marketing

While the need to create more content is viable for modern marketers, the demand for accessible, valuable content is a real pain point. The quantity versus...

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Why Content Marketing Matters

by Lee Jorgenson on Friday, November 8, 2013 in Content Marketing

Content marketing is nothing new, but it is much more of a focus in digital marketing.  The basic concept is to provide valuable content to your market and...

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What Should a B2B Brand Voice Sound Like on Twitter?

by Kaila Garrison on Thursday, November 7, 2013 in Content Marketing

A unified brand voice isn’t just important for the Apples, Nikes and Oreos of the marketing world. Business-to-business organizations also need to find and...

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Benefits and Risks of Scheduling Content

by Kaila Garrison on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 in Content Marketing

Compendium’s content marketing platform allows you to create a content calendar and social promotions of your content. Functionally, it’s great and many...

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3 Free Social Reporting Tools You Should Be Using

by Clayton Stobbs on Monday, November 4, 2013 in Content Marketing

There is no doubt that it’s crucially important to your content planning strategy to be measuring the performance of your generated content. If you’re not...

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Create Content That Makes Your Small Business Look Bigger

by Kaila Garrison on Friday, November 1, 2013 in Content Marketing

You may have a great content marketing idea or social media campaign in your head, but if you don’t have the budget for it, it will just remain an idea. This...

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Recorded webinar: The 9 most horrifying content marketing misunderstandings

by Chris Moody on Friday, November 1, 2013 in Content Marketing

Thanks to all of you who joined Jay Baer and myself for our fun Halloween themed content marketing webinar! There was a great discussion with the hashtag...

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