Kevin Akeroyd

Kevin Akeroyd, Senior Vice President, Oracle Eloqua Global Sales Unit

Kevin AkeroydSenior Vice President for Oracle’s Eloqua Global Sales Unit. He is responsible for leading all customer-facing aspects at Oracle Eloqua including Sales, Account Management, Marketing and Customer Support and Services. Connect with him on Twitter @akeroyd
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Mindy Barenblat

Mindy Barenblat, Principal Education Specialist

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Amanda Batista

Amanda Batista, Content Marketing Manager

As part of the Oracle Eloqua Marketing organization, Amanda drives Eloqua's major content initiatives to support thought leadership, team enablement, and educate customer communities. She also manages the award-winning 'It's All About Revenue' Blog, crafting content that helps marketers and salespeople bridge their gaps and rethink technology to meaningfully engage with their communities. Follow Amanda on Twitter @AmandaF_Batista.
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Nick Bell

Nick Bell

Eloqua's VP Corporate Marketing
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Adrian Chang

Adrian Chang, Customer Success Manager, Strategic Accounts

Adrian helps customers get the most out of their Eloqua investment. His role is to help my customers define a path to achieving their business objectives using the Eloqua platform and services.

Follow him on Twitter at @adrianchang.
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Egan Cheung

Egan Cheung, Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics

Egan has been at Eloqua for much longer than it feels.  After an initial gig in client services, and then a four year stint in the corporate finance and planning group, Egan has most recently joined product management to develop initiatives like benchmarking and rpm analytics. When not looking at data trends in sales and marketing performance, Egan is most likely to be on a road trip with the family.
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Gaea Connary

Gaea Connary

Gaea has worked in online marketing roles since before Google was founded, and is presently an Eloqua Customer Success Manager. She’s passionate about discovering creative, nerdy ways to use Eloqua to help companies grow their business. When she’s not wearing her propeller beanie cap or “Eloqueen” tiara, she enjoys scooting through the parks and trails around Austin, TX with her family.
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Dante Cook

Dante Cook

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Marilyn Cox

Marilyn Cox

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Laura Cross

Laura Cross, Best Practice Consultant

Laura is all about accountability and measurement. She also hails from the “OC,” and takes pride in that juxtaposition. Laura combines her practical disposition and her diverse experience (from American Express to Epicor Software) with a deep passion for providing her clients with best practice counsel steeped in accountability and tangible results.
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Pierre Custeau

Pierre Custeau

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Dennis Dayman

Dennis Dayman, Chief Deliverability and Privacy Officer

Dennis Dayman has more than 15 years of experience combating spam and improving email delivery through industry policy, ISP relations and technical solutions. Privacy? Don't get him started!
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Nick Dennis

Nick Dennis

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Kristin Farwell

Kristin Farwell

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Scott Fehr

Scott Fehr, Solutions Consultant

Scott is Eloqua’s newest Solutions Consultant based in sunny Seattle Washington. Scott has over a decade of marketing, CRM and analytics software experience and can be found showcasing Eloqua up and down the West Coast. An avid hockey fan and player, Scott often boasts he is the proud owner of all his own teeth.
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Curt Franke

Curt Franke

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Sarah Gaade

Sarah Gaade, Education Coordinator

Sarah joined Eloqua in May 2011.  When she’s not shouting from the roof tops about the fabulous Eloqua Education program, she’s gallivanting around the world or attending sporting events across North America.   Hope to see you soon in an Eloqua University class!
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Kaila Garrison

Kaila Garrison

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Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

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Lauren Harper

Lauren Harper, Community Manager

Lauren is Eloqua's resident community manager. She's passionate about community and social media management. A University of Arizona alum and sports fanatic, she's Bay Area native and lives in San Francisco. Follow Lauren on Twitter at: @LaurenEHarper
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Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

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Sylvia Jensen

Sylvia Jensen, Director of EMEA Marketing

Sylvia, based in Eloqua’s London office, is responsible for Eloqua’s marketing efforts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sylvia has lived in Europe for the past 11 years heading up marketing efforts in EMEA for tech companies such as Oracle, WebEx, Palm, and Coremetrics.  Before heading to Europe, she held various sales and marketing positions focused on the Latin American market. Follow Sylvia on Twitter at @smajensen.
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David Johnson

David Johnson

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Lee Jorgenson

Lee Jorgenson

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John Katsoulis

John Katsoulis

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Matt Lohman

Matt Lohman, Regional Sales Director, Southeast

Matt is responsible for adding new enterprise companies in the Southeastern United States to the ever growing community of great Eloqua customers. He joined Eloqua in early 2012, bringing over 15 years of prior sales experience with SaaS and internet technologies. Prior to Eloqua, Matt held various sales and business development positions with Cortera, and  When not intently listening to and trying to help prospects solve for their marketing challenges, you'll catch him droning on and on about his short lived music and truck driving careers. Matt lives in Atlanta with his wife and 3 boys. You can follow him on Twitter at @MattLohman.
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Melissa Madian

Melissa Madian, Sr. Director, Field Enablement and Solutions Consulting

Melissa Madian has been with Eloqua for over six years and is responsible for Field Enablement, which includes managing a team of superstar Solutions Consultants. In addition to empowering the sales organization with the tools, process and training to be wildly successful, Melissa is both an Eloqua Master and a Revenue Lifecycle Master (cloak and lightsabre not shown in photo). When she's not working, she entertains herself by encouraging her cat to terrorize her husband.
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Dave Michaud

Dave Michaud

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Chris Moody

Chris Moody

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Jody Mooney

Jody Mooney, Product Marketing Manager

Jody swore after graduation that she would never go into marketing. Enter split screen: Ten years later, she’s deep in Eloqua product marketing (and relieved she didn’t stick to her youthful promise). Jody plays a key role in product launches, competitive programs and sales support. As a result, she sees first hand the measureable impact Eloqua brings to marketers around the world. Follow Jody on Twitter @jomoon.
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James Paden

James Paden

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James Paden

James Paden

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Jeff Porter

Jeff Porter, Director, Channel Alliances

A Canadian who is passionate about hockey, and maple syrup. Hobbies include marketing automation and helping agencies to bring their ideas to life in a measurable and meaningful way leveraging technology.
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Melanie Ramsey

Melanie Ramsey

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Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas

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Joel Rothman

Joel Rothman, Senior Product Consultant

Joel Rothman started at Eloqua in 2005 as a member of the product support team. He’s currently in Professional Services, where he continues to help the team innovate to help customers be successful. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, he likes taking short walks on the beach and reading books about things. Follow Joel on Twitter at @joelondemand.
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David Rudolph

David Rudolph, Regional Sales Manager

David is a Regional Sales Manager at Eloqua and an always-growing “student of sales,” with a background in Management Consulting, start-ups, and technology. His most challenging and rewarding sale was a six-month sales-cycle of a dog to his wife. His daughter is the toughest negotiator in history and she is training her sister well.
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Taha Sheikh

Taha Sheikh, Senior Product Manager

Taha is always looking for innovative, yet effective solutions to empower clients with the tools they need to strategically plan, execute, and analyze their marketing investments. A lot of this can be attributed to his strong engineering foundation and prior work experience with a variety of technology startups. He's currently a Senior Product Manager at Eloqua, helping to take the user experience of the company's latest HTML5 SaaS application, Eloqua 10,  to the next level.  When he's not moonlighting as a PM, you can find him shooting hoops, playing guitar and travelling the world with his family.
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Andrew Stanbridge

Andrew Stanbridge, Technical Product Manager

Andrew joined Eloqua in 2007. He spent his first years at Eloqua working in Customer Support and helping to build the Premier Support team. Taking his experience of working with Eloqua's Enterprise size customers Andrew moved into Product Management and is now responsible for the Eloqua Enterprise product. When he isn't in the office you will find Andrew backcountry snowboarding or obsessing over the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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John Stetic

John Stetic, VP, Product Management

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Clayton Stobbs

Clayton Stobbs

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Stephen Streich

Stephen Streich, Senior Director of Product Management

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Jennifer Talcott

Jennifer Talcott, Solutions Consultant

Jennifer joined Eloqua in July 2011. As a career marketer and 3-time Eloqua customer, Jennifer enjoys working with potential and current Eloqua customers to map their business needs to marketing automation solutions, and providing real-life examples and experiences to back them up. A native Texan, Jennifer enjoys trail running, stuffing herself with barbecue, and, of course…watching football.
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Laura H. Vogel

Laura H. Vogel, CMP, Events Manager

Laura owns all Eloqua events – from concept through clean-up. She discovered event planning as a result of her love of travel and has since run events from Barcelona to Chicago, Miami to Aruba for clients including Symantec, Microsoft and LoJack. In her previous role with Forrester Research, Laura oversaw the content production and speaker outreach for over 20 shows presented to upwards of 2,000 attendees. Follow Laura at @laurahvogel.
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