Customer Obsession at the Core of Oracle Eloqua’s New Multichannel Marketing Enhancements

by Michelle McGinnis on Thursday, October 24, 2013 in Marketing Efficiency

Is your organization customer obsessed?

Earlier this year, we introduced the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing to support customer-obsessed culture by targeting the right buyers, meaningfully engaging with them, converting them to revenue, analyze to learn effectiveness, and leverage the foundation of technology to enable the entire enterprise.

This week during Eloqua Experience, our executive team, Kevin Akeroyd, John Stetic, and Steve Woods, highlighted new enhancements and features to Oracle Eloqua that will help organizations of all sizes and from across all industries leverage technology to improve targeting, engagement, conversions, and analysis across digital, social, and mobile channels.

While the history and sentiment of customer obsession has been around since the dawn of marketing, how we achieve customer obsession has changed. Marketers need to focus on building one-to-one relationships, but that can be challenging because we’re all dealing with larger audiences.

To manage multichannel relationships, it’s imperative to understand our customers, and what they are passionate about. Marketing technology has advanced to allow demand generation and marketing operations to form to deliver on the promise of customer experience. But it’s not just about launching campaigns.

“To be truly obsessed with customer experience is to commit to doing no harm,” noted Steve Woods, Eloqua Co-Founder. “To create a true end to end process for enabling amazing marketing, we need accountability — not just with analytics, but also with planning.”

How well do you measure how the performance of your marketing that supports initial interest to true advocacy, and how do we maintain the right checks and balances?

“By bringing external data into Eloqua, modern marketers can expand their prospect and customer profiles to include activities relevant to digital assets, and track any customer activity through earned, owned, and paid media,” noted John Stetic, VP Products. “Paid, earned and owned media drive the engagement process, and we’re focused on delivering on the vision of each marketing channel becoming a performance channel.”

Check out our key platform enhancements to help you become customer obsessed in this one-minute video with John Stetic:

Oracle Eloqua AdFocus. While understanding the impact of a specific marketing channel was formerly relegated to marketers’ wish lists, the channels we now focus on are digital, social, and mobile. AdFocus gives marketers a single platform to dynamically create, manage and measure display ads alongside owned and earned media.

AdFocus enables marketers to target only key accounts or prospects you want to reach with display ads, as well as provide creative content or personalized ad copy based on their persona and activities.

Oracle Eloqua Profiler. The details of what we now know about customers have expanded into a universal customer profile, which can be used to create highly targeted segments. Marketers now can take data that’s not even stored in Eloqua to help targeted and score prospects for a complete, multichannel view of the customer.

Profiler gives sales reps one, detailed view of the prospect to extend views beyond Oracle Eloqua asset activity (emails, forms, page views) to any external assets stored in Oracle Eloqua.

Marketing Resource Management. New capabilities create more secure and controlled access to marketing resources and data. New integrations provide greater insight into campaign resources and management through a central marketing calendar and simplify resource management.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel.
An integrated sales and marketing funnel view gives marketing and sales users, cross-functional teams, and executive management a consistent and clear view of pipeline performance. It also quickly provides users with historical metrics across different time spans and conditions.

Eloqua AppCloud. More than 20 new AppCloud partners have been added to the community, which now includes 100+ apps.  Eloqua AppCloud now provides modern marketers with an even broader range of marketing applications that help expand and enrich sales and marketing efforts; easily accessible in the Topliners Community.

Social Capabilities. Recent integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) deliver a comprehensive, scalable and integrated modern marketing solution. New capabilities include better tracking of social activities for a more complete customer profile. Engage Facebook custom audiences with AdFocus to deliver ads and meaningful experiences through trusted social networks.

Check out a recap of last night’s keynote events with Kevin Akeroyd in this short video:

Check out more resources about the Oracle Eloqua platform here, and follow the Eloqua Experience event discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #EE13.




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