Picture Yourself at Eloqua Experience

by Lauren Harper on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 in Social Media

Modern marketing isn't just about mastering a channel or app. It's also about bringing them together to seamlessly create and promote your marketing campaigns. With the seemingly infinite number of social channels, from the ever popular Facebook and Twitter to younger upstarts like Instagram and Pinterest, it's important to connect your campaigns. No matter where the conversations take place, it should be a two-way conversation.


So for all those joining us this week at Eloqua Experience, we want to help you share your experience. We're keeping a close eye on all the feedback you're sharing this week. And in that spirit of connection and collaboration, we're asking attendees to tag the photos they share on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #EE12. We'll share our favorite photos on this blog, on our Pinterest page, Facebook and on Twitter. How's that for cross collaboration?

If you include a great tagline with the picture, we’ll include it. We'll even do a special post on Topliners. Just make sure to use our hashtag #EE12 so we don't miss anything.

We're pumped to see and share your Eloqua Experience!



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