A Preach-free Primer on Social Media Ethics

by Contributor on Friday, October 22, 2010 in Social Media

The social Web is a crowded and noisy place.  It's hard to get noticed, which tempts some marketers to go to extreme measures to ensure their voices -- or the voices of their clients -- are heard online.  Sometimes in the struggle for awareness, marketers kick over an ethical tripwire, which can lead to negative PR or, in some cases, legal hot water.  This embedded presentation provides the basics on ethics social marketing practices, with an eye on the FTC's endorsement guidelines and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association's Ethics Code (disclosure: I co-chair the association's Member Ethics Advisory Panel).

The presentation aspires to be a practical -- and preach-free -- primer.  It explores the Risk Pyramid, that is, which type of organization faces the greatest legal scrutiny.  It includes several case studies (Ann Taylor Loft, Reverb Communications, even Kim Kardashian).  And for the list-lovers out there, there are plenty of "top X things" slides.  Enjoy.

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