The Day "Or" Died: Eloqua10 Launch

by Contributor on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 in Revenue Performance Management

Today’s the day the word “or” died. For the past 800 years, that pesky conjunction has demanded we choose one option over another. For marketers, it’s meant marketing automation solutions that were either “2.0” or reliable, beautiful or functional, simple or powerful. But today, with the launch of Eloqua10, we’ve brought to a close the era of “or” – because Eloqua10 is innovative and reliable, beautiful and functional, simple and powerful.  Eloqua10 marks the beginning of “and’s” reign.

Enjoy this video from my unveiling of Eloqua10 at our Eloqua Experience user conference. I think you will see how passionate marketers are about the future of marketing automation and revenue performance management.  I am especially thrilled because every employee and every department at Eloqua came together to plan, build, test, refine and bring to market a truly revolutionary solution – a solution that was inspired and shaped by our clients, the greatest marketers in the world.

Here’s a little backstory on the birth of Eloqua10.  Two years ago as the usage of Eloqua9 was accelerating, customers came to me and said they wanted to make tasks shorter and easier to execute.  So we hired the best design firm in Silicon Valley – IDEO – who spent months talking to customers.  Then we got our team into a room.  The team included engineers, “human factors” experts, customer support, best practices consultants and product managers.  For four months we did not write a single line of code.  Instead we designed, fought, re-designed and built the work flows.  We prioritized the most-used scenarios and we hid the complexity.  Then and only then did we start slinging code.  For over a year we have been writing, testing, writing, testing.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  We made a pledge to not release the software until it was just about perfect – a rarity in SaaS.  Simply put, two years of effort culminated today in the public unveiling of Eloqua10.  And on November 21, 2010 it will be available to all marketers.

Starting now you will hear more and more about Eloqua10 and what it means to the marketing and sales words.  You will discover how it can be used as the framework for your revenue performance management future. Eloqua’s team has a massive amount of compelling content in the queue.  But like Eloqua10 itself, sometimes the most powerful message is also the most simple.  And for me what makes Eloqua10 so remarkable is that it eliminates the need for marketers to choose between what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.  Welcome to Eloqua10.  Welcome to “and.”


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