Everyone Makes Msitakes

by Michelle McGinnis on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in Content Marketing

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not perfect – especially when most projects include a deadline of yesterday. So where is the balance between speed, quality and error? I often count on others (machines, technology or humans) to point out my flaws; but sometimes, even with these “fail safe” checks, things slip by...

Apparently, it’s not just me.

I worked as an advertisement specialist at a local newspaper when I was in high school. I remember placing an ad for a restaurant that was hiring.  “Weight Staff Wanted” was the headline I wrote, then printed and distributed to about 70,000 households. Was it really so bad to have a cafe full of servers who could double as Arnold Schwarzenegger? Sounds like a differentiator if you ask me.

The other day, I spotted a missing letter on a banner we had produced for a tradeshow,  "Shouldn’t 'conect' have two n’s?” I had asked, and then felt bad for pointing it out.  

So what!? Spelling mistakes happen, right? Is this the end of the world? Does it negatively impact brand perception? (“They’ll think we’re all idiots!”.) I like to think that most people accept that humans are behind the marketing materials that surround our daily lives - and that those silly mistakes - they just serve to remind us that no one is perfect.

So, where is the balance between speed, quality and error? I’m interested to hear your opinions – and embarrassing mistakes, too.  Please leave a comment if you aren’t perfect, either.


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