Introducing Juan Eloqua & The Grande Guides

by contributor on August 24, 2010 in Content Marketing

Over the past year or so, Eloqua has mixed it up a bit when it comes to our marketing programs.  Last year we released an unexpectedly irreverent interactive demo featuring our shirtless “CEO” (for which we won a Forrester Groundswell Award for our use of social technologies).  This year we kicked up some dust with our Content Grid infographic and Social Media Playbook.  Meanwhile, in between we produced a viral holiday card and a bunch of “snackable” cartoons.

Each time we go to market with what blogger Jon Buscall would (hopefully) refer to as “intrinsically valuable content,” we are inspired to push it a little harder than we did before.  Enter Juan Eloqua & the Grande Guide series.

Let’s start with the Grande Guides.  The idea is simple:  Don’t try to boil the ocean.  Instead, help marketers overcome one challenge at a time.  So every month (more or less), we’ll release a shareable guide focused on a single marketing topic.  Each is written with speed in mind.  That is, a cover-to-cover read should take no longer than the time needed finish a “grande” cup of coffee.  (A theme you’ll surely notice in the design, which was led by our friends at JESS3.)

Coffee.  That brings us to our new friend, Juan Eloqua.  Meet him in the video above.  The idea for Juan started whimsically.  We were spitballing – thinking up ways we could run with this whole coffee theme.  And someone brought up the idea of creating a comedic character, a persona who is expert in growing two things: coffee and revenue.

To turn the concept into reality, we searched for inspiration.  We explored the greatest characters in the history of coffee advertising, and arrived at Juan Valdez. We asked peers what ads spoke to them, and arrived at The Most Interesting Man in the World. (Editor’s Note: I was the lone dissenter, gravitating instead to the narrator in the Real Men of Genius campaign.)

Once we had the outline for our persona, we solicited input from industry friends, discussed it with our PR firm, commissioned character sketches and talked a lot about how to do this in a way that would balance originality with a tribute to the brilliant campaigns that inspired it.

So enjoy our latest creation, Juan Eloqua.  He’s here to introduce himself and the Eloqua Grande Guide to Lead Scoring.  The video of Juan (along with the Grande Guides and all of our sharable assets) can also be found on the Eloqua SlideShare Channel.  If you want to chat about this campaign on Twitter, we’re using the hashtag #GrandeGuide.  Otherwise stay tuned for more.  (Oh, and if you are tagged in this post and wondering why, it probably means you are mentioned in the Grande Guide.)


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  • Dean Holmes

    You requested a review via Twitter-thank you.

    I believe the work you are doing with digital and social is spot on. Taking this to the next level, which is revenue is of course always our groups goal. Without that why be here?
    I really like the content-I speak on the value exchange with my partners at Bodera, I am a co founder and we do social crm for clients today. I suspect that your approach here is one of roi leveraging this channel.
    You have one if the best with JESS3.
    Thanks for asking-do you plan to report on the results of this campaign as well for all to see in an open leadership role?

  • Joe Chernov

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. We absolutely are planning to turn this campaign into a public case study. We will be able to get much closer to the revenue story than most digital cases because this effort integrates comms + demand gen components. So it’s both for brand awareness/reputation/sentiment (historically harder to attach return to) as well as progressive profiling/lead nurturing/lead scoring (easier to tie to revenue).

    As far as Jess3 is concerned, I agree: they rock. They did the design of the guide itself. Leslie and I go way back. Jesse reminds me of that line in Jerry Maguire (“He’s militant, but I love him!”). In fact, Leslie and I are planning to go out on the road speaking about the results from our Content Grid/Social Media Playbook push. Got some great leading purchase indicator results there, but un-gating content, as we did, limits one’s ability to tie to revenue. But it’s a little like asking what the ROI of a light house is: tough to put a dollar value on it, but easy to trust it helped.

    Thanks again for the visit and kind words.

    Your fan,

  • Dean Holmes

    Very good. Like the reference ribeye lighthouse and Jerry McGuire. As long as we keep away from “it’s like a ship with no port” which is like no social compass we will be fine.
    Thanks. Let me know if you would like to do a speaking gig together.

    • Joe Chernov

      Would love to speak with you! Got anything in mind? Also, my email is joe(dot)chernov(at)eloqua(dot)com. Interested in hearing more about your firm.

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