It's Marketing Automation, Not Magic.

by Michelle McGinnis on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Marketing Efficiency

I have had the opportunity to build a lot processes for Eloqua in the year I have worked in our marketing department - everything from re-building our entire CRM integration from scratch to the "Contact Washing Machine."  Having used Eloqua for almost four years now, I am fairly confident in my abilities within the product, but that doesn't translate to every process I build being "perfect".

That can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you spend many hours planning, designing and deploying a new process.  The last thing you want to hear from someone is that your process is "broken".  I emphasize the word "broken" because it could mean many things to many people - the data in your report is not accurate, you were assigned a lead that is not in your territory or a person wasn't scored the way you expected them to be.

If you are in a Marketing Operations role, chances are you have gone through this.  There could be many reasons as to why something appears to be broken:

  • Specific scenarios were not accounted for in the original planning of the project

  • Specific steps or actions were missed in building out the process

  • Expectations of output are not met

In any case, it is up to all parties involved to work together and fix them.  From a technical standpoint, this could mean creating documentation that outlines the process from start to finish or setting up error notifications when something doesn't work as expected.  On the flip side, taking the time to understand the intricacy of a process can help with understanding why something seems "broken" or a realization that a key requirement wasn't communicated properly.

At the end of the day, no process will ever be perfect.  But by working together and keeping the lines of communication open, we can all reach a state of Marketing Automation Nirvana.


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