What’s On Your Modern Marketing Music Playlist? [CHART]

by Jody Mooney on April 21, 2013 in Social Media

Since January, every Friday, Topliners community members like you have been heading to a post created by fellow Topliner, Kristin Connell to comment on what’s their playlist for the day. What started as a fun post several months ago is quickly evolving into a modern marketing playlist.  I’ve certainly added a ton of new songs/artists to my rotation as a result! So, for this week’s Chart of the Week I thought it would be fun to see if there is a particular genre of music that modern marketers enjoy the most.

After pouring through tons of posts to the ongoing Topliners thread, I pulled together a huge playlist and painstakingly classified each artist into 12 broad categories.  Very quickly it became apparent that, although ironically named, “Pop” isn’t the most popular genre for modern marketers.   From Finnish Jazz tunes to Taylor Swift, the musical tastes of modern marketers are as diverse as the marketing campaigns they are creating.

Picture 14

One thing is clear though: modern marketers love rock and alternative rock as it made up over 40% of the artists submitted. Respectable numbers also were seen through country, jazz and soul, among genres. The analysis also showed a great mix of established, classic artists, such as Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles, and new, emerging artists in each of the genres.

If I were to draw some conclusions here, it would be that even if you’re a die hard pop music fan, you’re still a modern marketer! It doesn’t matter what your favorite genre is, music plays an incredible role in our lives both- personally and professionally. It can motivate us, relax us and even transform us. So whether you’re grooving to tunes while writing, creating campaigns in Eloqua, or relaxing after driving pipeline for the sales team, there is a song for that!

So modern marketers, what’s on regular rotation on your playlist?

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