The Phrenology of the Modern B2B Marketer

by Contributor on Monday, January 23, 2012 in Content Marketing

We’ve spent the last few years talking about a concept called digital body language – the ability to use technology to decipher purchase intent from online behavior.  (Heck, our co-founder Steve Woods literally wrote the book on the subject.) But today we have some really, really exciting news. Eloqua’s ability to decode your prospects’ intent is no longer limited to their body language. Now we can actually see inside their minds. Don’t ask us how. That’s a secret of the highest order. But we are thrilled to share with you the results from our team of doctors, scientists and cartoonists. We call it, The Phrenology of the Modern B2B Marketer. By the way, each "lobe" links to more information on the topic, so go ahead -- explore and enjoy. (And thanks to friend Brady Bonus for, yet again, providing us with a fun illustration.)


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