RPM with the Fearless Competitor

by Contributor on Thursday, November 18, 2010 in Revenue Performance Management

The buzz around Revenue Performance Management (RPM) keeps….well, buzzing. Thought leaders from across the space are forming opinions on the new category and sharing their ideas on what RPM means for the marketing industry. Jeff Ogden, aka The Fearless Competitor provides us with a Q&A style session around revenue performance and how this emerging and innovative idea will affect today’s marketers. Jeff’s video below answers four critical questions, including:

1)      Is marketing automation evolving into Revenue Performance Management?

2)      Why does it make sense for vendors to go up market?

3)      What is Revenue Performance Management’s promise to the marketer?

4)      What do you predict will be the tipping point for RPM?

Watch and learn! Then, give us your thoughts on Revenue Performance Management and how it will change the industry.



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