Are Your Marketing Campaigns Socially Active? [CHART]

by Jody Mooney on Sunday, May 12, 2013 in Social Media

For this week's chart, took a look at how marketers are using apps in their marketing mix.  To do so, we pulled together a list of the most commonly installed apps from the Eloqua AppCloud and what we found was quite interesting.

Fueling the highest increase in adoption of apps from the Eloqua AppCloud, marketers are engaging their buyers and extending their reach through social networks by adding apps to their landing pages.  This is a dramatic shift from what we've seen in the data before.  Previously, the biggest increases in adoption were generally from more marketers using apps within their marketing campaign flows - such as adding Webinar apps to automate registration and follow up in their webcast event program.

COW Vol 106 2013-05-10

So, why might this be?   Marketers are looking for different ways to reach potential buyers, wherever they may be.  Sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn are a great start.  Facebook's web site cites 1.11 billion active monthly users as of March, 2013 and LinkedIn is highlighting 1 billion connections as part of their 10th anniversary this year.  These networks are filled with potential buyers and have the added benefit of having your content endorsed and delivered by a peer or friend!

Marketers are also trying to use tools to capture a buyer's attention (since that increases the likelihood of a sale).  A great way to make your landing pages more engaging is by adding videos, live Twitter feeds, surveys, or other embedded external content (and the good news is it's easy to do this in Eloqua!)

Need some inspiration? See how Eloqua customers are using apps to fuel their marketing.

How are you using apps in your marketing campaigns?

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