Now This Is What I Call A Personalized Experience

by Michelle McGinnis on Monday, May 17, 2010 in Content Marketing

Recently my wife, Kim, and I took a trip down to Jamaica for a week through a Canadian company called WestJet.  We had never used them for booking flights or vacations previously, but they were able to offer the best price for the vacation that we were looking to take.

Shortly after booking the vacation, my wife received an email from WestJet indicating that they have created a personalized vacation guide specifically for the trip that we were taking.  This included:

  • a personalized website that contained our guest itinerary and airport information

  • specific information about the resort that we were staying at, maps of the resort to let us know where everything was and the facilities the resort offered

  • informations on tours that WestJet offered through the resort, what their top recommendations were and information for getting around the area

  • an interactive checklist to help us stay organized before we left for the trip

Traveling to a foreign country can sometimes a difficult experience, especially if you have never been there before.  WestJet did a fantastic job of providing us as much information ahead of time so that we knew exactly what to expect when we landed and when we checked into the resort.

To top all fo this off, a few weeks before we left for our trip, we received a package from WestJet that had personzlied book with all the relevent information we need to know about our resort and fun places to go in and around our resort.  The cover of the book was a picture of a beach with my wife's name written in the sand!

Seeing as we had never used WestJet in the past for booking our vacations, they definitely made a great first impression as to how they market to their customer's after the sale.  We are now much more likely to book a trip through WestJet in the future because of our experience.


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