What the Twitter IPO Means for Marketers

by Erick Mott on Friday, November 8, 2013 in Social Media

I can only imagine what it was like on the New York Stock Exchange floor yesterday as TWTR took flight -- at the beginning of its trading period -- with an 89% increase from an initial $26.00 price. Congratulations to the entire Twitter team; past, present and early-stage investors!

Whether you participated in Twitter’s historic initial public offering or not, chances are you’ve been vested in the microblogging service for quite some time as a modern marketer. #Ring! if this resonates.

Full disclosure, Twitter is an Oracle Eloqua customer and 2013 Markie award recipient so we’re just a little obsessed with this iconic brand. But Twitter is also one of Eloqua’s most effective communication channels as part of our social business strategy and media transformation.

Which brings us to the topic of Engagement.

5 Tenets of Modern Marketing
Unless you’ve been on an extended holiday without connectivity, chances are you have heard about our Journey to Modern Marketing campaign. We’re having a little fun with this while also focused on educating marketers around the five tenets of modern marketing.

Engagement in simple terms, our second tenet, is all about people having conversations and publishing content - when and where they choose - with very little effort. In a recent study with BtoB Research, 42% of marketers cite the shift of power from the brand to the customer as a key driver for evaluating the need for modern marketing strategies.

Social services like Twitter, mobile, and cloud technologies are contributing to this undeniable and fast-moving shift. And with increased usage in terms of people and frequency worldwide, comes more consumer behavior and preferences data that can be useful to brands for contributing to and improving customer experiences.

With the Twitter IPO and review of their S-1 document, one can anticipate more resources for Twitter to focus on four components of their value proposition:

  • Public

  • Real-time

  • Conversational

  • Distributed

What does this mean if you’re a marketer? The short answer, with Twitter innovation in mind, is more engagement with your audience.


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