What Do the TD Garden, SBLI and Republicans Have in Common?

by Michelle McGinnis on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 in Social Media

If you guessed they're socially savvy, then you're absolutely right! Smart marketers at TD Garden, Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are propelling their messages into the vast social-sphere by following 3 Social Strategy Guidelines - Ask, Gather, Measure.

1) ASK for engagement ... always.

Bob Ellsworth of the RNC follows this guide well. He ensures that all of his inbound and outbound assets have social sharing features built in. On Twitter (check out the campaign captured below) they explicitly ask for re-tweets AND they make it very simple for followers to share pre-packaged tweets in a cool little app they call a "Tweet Bomb". When people do engage and help the RNC spread a message, a point value is assigned to the contact. When it comes time to promote a new "widget" or campaign, they reward the most social members of their community with "first in line" incentives. How smart is that?

2) GATHER data and build "social" profiles

In addition to your standard data collection efforts for targeting and segmentation, marketers now need to consider the value found in a channel rich with personal and professional information.  Phil Crampe, eCommerce Manager at SBLI realized the value of developing "social profiles" for better targeting and ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). By matching 100K of their customers against social/online activity, they were able to determine specific sites that were most popular (Facebook was #1), the volume of online activity by state, and the value of policy holders who are "socially active" (turns out those with the most friends hold the highest value policies). This insight was invaluable for Phil when it came to making localized media placement and budgeting decisions - enabling him to spend his online advertising money on the highest trafficked sites as well as localize his offer based on the state most represented.

3) MEASURE, measure, measure!

Although all three of our social super-stars are tracking and measuring the impact of their social efforts, Laura Zexter (@lzexter) of the TD Garden is integrating her marketing data with purchase history (including concession stands...yes, she knows how many beers and hot dogs you've had!) and taking her measurement insight to the next level. Beyond the metrics of new fans, new followers, and new email opt-ins, Laura can see the source of ticket purchases, referrals and lifetime value of their fans right down to the specific social site(s) they've been engaging in. Consider for a moment that for the Boston Bruins alone, TD Garden has a Facebook fan page, Bruins TV, a live blog, a website, text message feeds, Twitter handles, etc and you can begin to see what a feat this level of measurement actually is! She'll use this information not only to refine TD Garden's social media strategy to accelerate revenue, but also to better target fan offers based on the teams they like, what channels they prefer, and perhaps even what treats they like best.

Want to learn how you can do this, too? Check out the Social Media toolkit which includes an on-demand webinar featuring TD Garden, SBLI and the RNC as well additional resources you need to help build and execute your social media strategy.  Alternatively you can check out the deck from this day on SlideShare.

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